Story of a unique shisha experience.
In 2005, we caused a revolution in the strictly traditional world of shisha pipes and started a new era of design shisha pipes and multisensual adventure smoking.
The story of designer shisha pipes.
Each of our thirteen models is the unique handiwork of Bohemian glassmaking masters and a supreme demonstration of uncompromising quality and of detail-focused craftsmanship using the finest materials.
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The story of adventure shisha pipe smoking.
Enter the magical world of innovative shisha gastronomy. It’s a world dominated by fruit shisha cocktails and live performances, prepared and presented by our team of professional shisha sommeliers.
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The story of interior solutions designed by Meduse.
The distinctive visual character of the interior is like a piece of art, in one complex concept, connecting the essence of the brand: the mystical undersea world of Meduse in its highest form.
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The story of tobacco for real shisha gourmets.
Medite. This is the name of our top-quality Virginia shisha tobacco, blended in our laboratory, following the secret recipes of experienced shisha masters.
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